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Single Extruder Screen

Product Description:

Materials included Plain Steel, AISI304, AISI316 and other alloy.

Application: Often used in Plastic reclamation industry, Possibly with a Dutch Weave Filter used with a plain weave support filter. 

Sunon can handle all of your disc and extruder screen fabricating requirements. Sunon estimating staff has the experience and knowledge to analyze virtually any print and replicate any sample disc and screen; our fabricating technicians have the expertise and tooling to deliver a quality product, per your exact specifications.


Most importantly, our industrial users benefit from Sunon’s extensive inventory, which provides customers with instant access to both standard and rare alloys and mesh counts. Sunon’s production room houses many specially-designed wire mesh disc cutters and punch-and-die sets that quickly produce high quality wire mesh discs and extruder screens. Sunon also stocks a wide range of commonly used discs and extruder screens. 

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