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Single Extruder Screen

Product Description:

What is an Extruder Screen?

Extruder screens are single-layer or multi-layer wire filtration systems welded together and made into specific shapes and sizes.

The molten material is forced through a wire mesh screen to remove any contaminants before proceeding to the next process. Depending on the required purification level, pressure requirements or the characteristics of the material being filtered, different layer configurations and micron levels (mesh size) can be used.

These extruder screen are often replaced during the filtration process and are usually not cleaned or reused.


Single-Layer Extruder Screen Specifications:

Type: weaving, perforated, pleated.

Shape: disc, kidney, tube, cone, etc.

Materials: Plain Steel, AISI304, AISI316 and other alloy.

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Advantages of Single Extruder Screen:

The single extruder screen filters is characterized by light weight, economy, and can be customized. Extruder Screen can be designed into circular, circular, cylindrical or customized according to needs.

With a stable edge frame, the single-layer extruder screen can hold more dust when filtering plastic melt and paint. Moreover, they have a long service life. 

Another point is, without rims, single layer extruder discs still don't have sharp edges and are easy to install and fit your extrusion equipment.


Single-Layer Extruder Screen Application:

The screen assembly of the extruder can be made into screens of various densities and can filter a variety of materials, such as polymer melts, oils, powders, and food.

Single layer extruder screen are often used in plastic reclamation industry, and can be reused in the food, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries. Possibly with a Dutch Weave Filter used with a plain weave support filter.

Single Extruder Screen Filters are also used in the extrusion profile and blown film industries, where the pollution of raw materials is less and the pressure in the extruder head is usually lower.


Sunon Services:

Sunon can handle all of your disc and extruder screen fabricating requirements. Sunon estimating staff has the experience and knowledge to analyze virtually any print and replicate any sample disc and screen; our fabricating technicians have the expertise and tooling to deliver a quality product, per your exact specifications.

Most importantly, our industrial users benefit from Sunon’ s extensive inventory, which provides customers with instant access to both standard and rare alloys and mesh counts. Sunon’ s production room houses many specially-designed wire mesh disc cutters and punch-and-die sets that quickly produce high quality wire mesh discs and custom single extruder screen. Sunon also stocks a wide range of commonly used wire mesh discs and extruder screens. Please feel free to contact us!

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