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Perforated Metal Mesh

Stainless Steel, aluminum, Steel, Brass etc other alloy.

Product Description:

Materials: Stainless Steel, aluminum, Steel, Brass etc other alloy.


Perforated Metal Operated by advanced CNC equipment, produced uniform hole size without burs.

Surface can be treated by powder coated, Fluorine carbon spraied, Anodic Oxidation, 

With the advanced computer control equipment, we can design and produce the products with all kinds of types, specifications according to customer’s request.


Piercing process began in precision mold design, we believe that mold to a large extent determine the quality of the product quality. Therefore, in recent years we have devoted considerable resources to make our modeling capability has been noticeably improved.
We have advanced CNC equipment, the system can-quality products, output could reach 2,000², the system can-sheet thickness between 0.1mm – 2.5mm.

The entire volume from the plate cut into the size you need.

Cutting Edge 
If the plate-making process beyond the scope of your request tolerance, we skilled technical personnel at your request can help you remove redundant Edge.

We can use the school-to-machine system before punching deformation of the plate to restore its original state formation. 0.8mm-12mm thickness of the plate can be a full-ping.

Piercing processes require the use of lubricant, but we also have a degreasing process can remove traces of its surface, Orifice is clean.

Surface Treatment 
Punch, the whole peace process would lead to cutting and sheet metal surface incomplete, but these incomplete in the general industrial supplies can be accepted. If you have special requirements, we will, for example through powder spray or spray paint, electric galvanized, hot-dip galvanizing, anodizing and other additional measures to prevent.

Perforated metal usually use the bulk form, we can use cloth, wood boxes, cartons according to your request. We can also use the wooden pallets or steel tray with the large quantity products.

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