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Expanded Metal Mesh

Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass,

Product Description:

Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass,

The Expanded Metal through machine stamping, drawing, rolling flat and surface after the dip treatment, bright color, no rust, durable.

Surface Treatment: Anodized, PVDF, Powder Coating

 Expanded Metal Ceiling Panel can be used as the interior ceiling of the workshop, hotel, the railway station waiting area, conference room etc. Usually we use the aluminum alloy expanded sheet or Powder coating carbon steel expanded sheet for the ceiling. It has the the characteristics of light weight, good looking, high visibility ,good acoustic absorption performance, easy installation and maintenance etc. The sheet size of the expanded metal ceiling can be 1.0-2.0m . Different sizes are available according to the customers' application.

    Expanded Metal can be used as the the interior curtain wall of the office building , stadium, airport, railway station etc. Usually the curtain wall use the aluminum expanded sheet, SS 304/ SS 316 Expanded Sheet as the raw material. The aluminum curtain wall special designed is beautiful and generous on appearance. It has the characteristics with good rust protection, easy installation and Maintenance etc. 

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