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Three Interesting Facts about Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Jul. 10, 2020

In case you don't know, stainless steel wire mesh is a wire mesh consisting of intersecting columns and parallel rows. Wires are held together by braiding or joining, and are commonly used in residential and commercial applications. HEBEI SUNON WIRE CLOTH CO., LTD is one of the most trusted distributors of Stainless Steel WIRE Mesh, the following custom Stainless Steel Mesh supplier provides three interesting facts about the Stainless Steel WIRE Mesh, you may find them useful.

1. There are many forms of silk screen

Stainless Steel wire Mesh is one of the largest side it has a lot of shapes and sizes. Are you looking for a screen to incorporate into your jury art exhibition? Perhaps you need to use silk screen in a commercial application. At HEBEI SUNON WIRE CLOTH CO., LTD, we can cover all your needs. Stainless steel wire mesh also has a variety of materials and alloys. This versatility makes it a favorite with many customers. If you need to order stainless steel wire mesh, please call us. We can provide you with anything you need!

 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

2. The screen has a unique weaving

The stainless steel wire mesh is designed into complex rows and columns. They are woven together at the intersection to form a specific appearance that is easy to recognize. Once the stainless steel wire mesh is drawn into the desired shape, it is then fed into the welding machine and several rows of wire mesh are connected together at the intersection. To make matters more complicated, parallel welds are then created where the vertical lines meet.If you know nothing about stainless steel mesh, then the team at HEBEI SUNON WIRE CLOTH CO., LTD can provide you with useful tips and interesting facts.

3. Screen has many applications

Stainless steel micro mesh is one of the largest in terms of its many useful applications.Screen is used to create room dividers, shelves and fences. Stainless steel wire mesh is also used for ceilings, walls and pipes. Finally, silk screen can even be found on screen Windows and doors.

If you would like to know more about the use of stainless steel WIRE mesh, please call HEBEI SUNON WIRE CLOTH CO., LTD to see what we can do for your project needs.





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