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How Important Is the Structure and Type of Mesh Filter

Aug. 17, 2020

Braided wire mesh cloth should not be associated with perforations associated with perforated metal plates.Mesh screens offer smaller sized star screen and are not suitable for heavy duty screens if not paired with perforated metal screens.Mesh clothes are primarily used for ultra-fine filtration because they have tiny holes that cannot be received by perforated metal.

On the other hand, the heavier, dusty perforated metal screen mesh is larger and lined

Wire mesh cloth. It may not be suitable for small filters with lighter screens that provide appropriate performance.The grid is perfect for self-aligning.

Wire Mesh Strainers

Wire Mesh Strainers

The use of a filter made of Stainless Steel Fine Mesh ensures complete protection against dust, scale and foreign matter.They are designed to extend their performance in corrosive, high pressure and high temperature applications.The straight structure prevents the filter from corroding, thus allowing the filter to be used for a long time, while preventing great damage to the thread.Durable construction and fine mesh prevents particles from clogging, and filters are usually installed above most equipment to ensure they are free from damage caused by large pollutants.

The structure of the body

The mobile cleaning filter consists of a heavy monel screen covered with fine monel cloth.Both components have been safely welded.The structure is designed to avoid the passage of tiny foreign bodies.It is especially suitable for algae, wood pulp, root and other particles.Manufactured in different sizes, this flow clean screen follows the speed principle and USES the air foil concept for self-cleaning.Particle collisions occur only at the leading edge.The lower pressure area downstream of the screen avoids the blockage of pollutants.The scouring action caused by eddy currents keeps the screen clean.Install the filter in a continuous flow piping unit to keep it clean.

Compact design for piping flanged strainers.Used for security during debugging and startup of new equipment.It's economical and light.

Type of Wire Mesh Strainers

The element is the core of the Eaton filter.Once the filter housing is selected, equal attention should be paid to the screen design and screen hole size or perforation, as this describes the final performance of the equipment.

The cylindrical filter includes a standard basket with an arched handle bent downward to confirm tightness in the filter.This type of filter is made of either Hastelloy wire mesh or stainless steel wire mesh.

Crimp baskets have rated pressure drop.The pleated structure provides a large filtering area.

The screen is used to automatically clean the screen, not the basket, to store unnecessary particles and debris. The purpose of these materials is to easily remove the debris during the backwash process.The screen is made of perforated plates, sintered wire mesh and wedge-shaped wire.


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