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How To Choose Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Products

Jan. 09, 2020

Custom stainless steel fine mesh supplier to share with you: First of all, we must understand that stainless steel wire mesh products are mainly distinguished and distinguished from three types, namely wire diameter, mesh and length and width. Therefore, customers must have a starting understanding of the three goals of the product. Since there are more and more manufacturers of stainless steel wire mesh processing, it is difficult to ensure the quality of the product due to the large number of production.


Stainless Steel Fine Mesh

So let's brighten our eyes and learn more about relevant knowledge, so that we can choose the real products. Stainless steel is a kind of high-strength anti-stainless steel. It is mainly used for harsh working conditions such as impact, kneading, and material wear.

The main damage methods are wear and tear, and some are cracked and deformed. There are three types of wear: the frictional wear of metal components touching and moving against each other; the abrasive wear of other metal or non-metallic materials impacting the metal surface and the erosion wear caused by the contact of active gas or liquid and metal. The wear resistance of wear-resistant steel depends on the material itself.

Anti-wear steels show different wear resistance under different working conditions. Both the material itself and the working conditions determine its abrasion resistance. Stainless steel wire mesh is a kind of screen developed by making full use of the abrasion resistance of stainless steel. It has outstanding abrasion resistance under certain industrial mines, which cannot be compared with other raw material screens.

Stainless steel finemesh refers to the regular arrangement of nets cut from stainless steel wires or plates and other stainless steel materials for consumption and making stainless steel woven cloth. The common materials used for liquid filtration are 304 and 316L. The main difference between the two is the content of chromium and nickel. The stainless steel wire mesh is used in conjunction with the stainless steel ring mouth. It is rolled into a wavy net shape and interspersed with each other at the correct angle Made.

Multi-layer folding expansion is arranged in different densities and pore diameters from coarse to fine, which makes the object repeatedly change the direction of movement when passing, increasing its efficiency. The stainless steel wire mesh filter bag has high strength and will not be deformed due to pressure changes. The monofilament weave constitutes a lubricious appearance, easy to clean, and can be repeatedly used. Low initial resistance and strong fire resistance.

Use long life, economical and reliable, low operating cost; bulky plate structure, change the cumbersome and safe, convenient for users to operate by themselves; there are galvanized frame and aluminum alloy frame to choose from; non-standard size equipment can be customized according to user needs Application scope of stainless steel wire mesh filter bag, fine (sterilization) filtration of food and beverage, beer, wine, fruit wine, rice wine, fruit juice, beverage, dairy product, edible oil, condiment and other liquid materials.

Biological engineering and medicine: infusion, pharmaceutical water, biological products plasma, serum, various pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials, solvent filtration, CIP filtration, fermentation tank, yeast incubation tank ventilation and other air sterilization filtration. Coatings paints and inks: latex paints, paint materials and solvent filtration, printing inks, printing ink filtration. Other industries: various liquid purification and filtration in precision chemical, petrochemical, electronics, textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking and other industries.

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